Heath Ledger and Christina Cauchi

Christina Cauchi and Heath Ledger
He called her "The yin to my yang," and even gushed "...I am madly, truly in love and extremely happy," but both times Ledger hooked up with Aussie model Christina Cauchi, the love and happines was oh-so-fleeting. Cauchi even lived with Ledger in L.A. during their first courtship, until "Yang" found a new "Yin" in the form of Heather Graham.


  1. Heath Ledger & Christina Cauchi


    (July 18, 2002) Split
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  2. No Flash Photography

    (May 22, 2002) Hook Up
    Ledger and Cauchi's relationship appeared to be back on when she was his date to the premiere of the film The Hard Word. He and Cauchi reportedly rushed past the cameras to get inside the theater unnoticed. more ›
  3. Heath Ledger & Christina Cauchi


    (June 24, 2000) Split
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  4. Hookup

    (Jan. 1, 2000) Hook Up
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